Construction Accident Lawyers- Third Time’s The Charm

New York Construction Accident Lawyers Achieve Large Settlement Amount

After a falling from a ladder, James got a settlement amount of $800,000 for his construction accident case.

New York Construction Accident Case Ends in $800,000 Settlement Amount

In December, construction accident lawyers, Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP, obtained an $800,000 settlement amount before trial for a 47yr old construction worker who fell off a ladder and fractured his left heel. The client was extremely satisfied with the large settlement amount and Carro, Carro & Mitchell is especially proud of the result.

What was unusual about the construction accident case however was not the settlement amount, but the route the case took to get to Carro, Carro & Mitchell.

A New Firm of New York Construction Accident Lawyers Take Over

By the time James Higgins* contacted Carro, Carro & Mitchell to be his New York construction accident lawyers, he had already been through two separate law firms. The litigation was stalled. While we think that it’s always better for us to be “on the case” immediately so that we can do our own timely investigation, speak to witnesses and gather evidence before it is altered or lost, we will accept significant cases that have already been started if a client is unsatisfied with his present lawyer. Carro, Carro & Mitchell realized that James’ construction accident case had great potential.

In James’ case, eighteen months had passed and he was not satisfied with the two previous construction accident lawyers he had hired. Often his telephone calls were not returned. James felt his case was not moving quickly enough and that the lawyers were not informing him about the status of his construction accident case. In short, James felt that at those firms his case was not the priority he had been assured it would be.

Carro, Carro & Mitchell, took the construction accident case and aggressively litigated it so that it was promptly ready for trial and settlement amount discussions began. Settlement discussions culminated in a lengthy settlement conference/mediation at the offices of Carro, Carro & Mitchell with James, the defendant’s attorney, and representatives of the insurance company. After a day of intensive negotiation, in which we were able to show how effectively we had prepared James’ construction accident case to be won at trial. We got James the maximum settlement amount possible for his case and he didn’t have to wait any longer for a trial date.

When James came to us for representation he had already had unsatisfactory experiences with two prior law firms. James not only wanted a firm with experienced construction accident lawyers, but also a law firm which would be there for him through out the process.

What James didn’t know but came to realize was that Carro, Carro & Mitchell gave him the same high level of attention and service which we provide to all our clients. Carro, Carro & Mitchell is not a high volume firm. We carefully chose our cases so that all clients are a priority. At Carro, Carro & Mitchell, we not only provide experience, expertise and aggressive representation but just as important we are accessible and responsive to our client’s needs. In James’ construction accident case we like to think “the third law firm was the charm”.

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*Name has been changed to protect client’s privacy
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