Carro, Carro & Mitchell Attorneys Know How to Handle Construction Site Lawsuits

The best advice we can give to someone looking for a personal injury attorney is to be sure your law firm focuses on personal injury cases.

Just as you want to be in the care of a doctor who is a specialist in his field, you should look for a lawyer who has experience and proven results in accident cases. This is particularly important in the case of construction site accidents.

construction lawsuits advice by Carro Carro Mitchell, personal injury attorneysAs a young member of a New York construction union local, Carro, Carro & Mitchell partner Bart Mitchell saw first-hand the dangers construction workers are exposed to. The State of New York recognizes the particular dangers at building construction sites and has comprehensive safety codes designed to protect construction workers. However, the reality is that in spite of these safety laws, construction sites are dangerous and accidents causing very serious injuries are common, especially in NYC.

Fortunately experienced personal injury attorneys like those at Carro, Carro & Mitchell, know that injured construction workers in New York are afforded special protection by the law when it comes to their construction lawsuits too.

Our successful results in construction lawsuits include a $3.9 million dollar verdict and a $3.1 million dollar settlement. (Click to see more examples of the verdicts and settlements we’ve attained for our clients).

What Kind of Construction Lawsuits are Carro, Carro & Mitchell Experienced in?

The New York personal injury attorneys at Carro, Carro & Mitchell, who represent injured construction workers, have the expertise gained by decades of experience. They know that the New York Labor Law imposes a non-delegable duty on construction site owners and general contractors to keep construction sites safe, including through the proper use of safe scaffolds, hoists, ladders, slings, pulleys, braces, ropes and other devices.

The Labor Law gives particular protection to workers at risk of falling, such as those on a ladder or a scaffold, and those injured by falling objects, or by a collapse of a building or an excavated pit. Your New York personal injury attorney must allege specific violations of the Labor Law in your construction lawsuit, or your case can easily be lost. We have obtained very successful results in construction cases of many types, including those involving falls, collapses, falling objects, vehicles and equipment on sites, burns and electrocution.

Attorneys like Carro, Carro & Mitchell, who know their way around a construction site, and are experienced in representing construction workers with serious personal injuries are better prepared to obtain the largest settlement or verdict in your construction lawsuits.

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