New York City Accident Attorney Offers Legal Commentary on Queens Crane Accident

New York City Accident Attorney | Queens Crane Collapse

Queens Crane Collapse

Expert New York City accident attorney Bartly Mitchell offers his legal commentary on the crane accident that occurred on Wednesday, January 9th 2013 in Long Island City, Queens. Mitchell provides a trial lawyer’s insight into the carelessness that causes dangerous construction site accidents, and outlines the legal ramifications.

Crane Collapses on Building Under Construction

A 300-foot crane collapsed suddenly around 2:30pm on Wednesday afternoon with little warning, and seven construction workers were trapped beneath the twisted metal. Several workers were transported to the hospital to receive treatment for broken bones, although none of the injuries were considered ‘life threatening.’ A Deputy Chief from the Fire Department said that an investigation was under way to determine the cause of the collapse. Witnesses reported that cables snapped, causing the crane to collapse onto the framework of a luxury residential tower under construction.

The Dangers of Construction Sites

The crane involved in Wednesday’s collapse was owned by New York Crane. The collapse of the 300-foot high crane could have caused a devastating loss of life. It is only due to good luck, and the quick reaction of construction workers that they were spared death. That wasn’t the case in 2008 when a crane that collapsed on the East Side of Manhattan, also owned by New York Crane, left two people dead.

After years of experience working on construction sites, and representing injured construction workers, New York City accident attorney Bartly Mitchell is aware “…that workers and pedestrians around constructions sites are at constant risk. Contractors may try to cut costs by hiring unqualified companies to supply or make repairs to machinery, operators may use equipment beyond it’s capacity, or proper safety measures and inspections meant to ensure a safe environment are ignored. Although certain jobs on a construction site are inherently dangerous, accidents are almost always the result of someone’s negligence, the failure to follow safety rules, or the failure to provide proper safety equipment.”

New York City Accident Attorneys Understand the Regulations

There are many laws in place with the purpose of protecting workers and civilians at and around construction sites, particularly because construction accidents can have very tragic consequences. The resulting catastrophic injuries, or fatalities cause crushing financial and emotional strain on both the victim and their family. Expert New York City accident attorneys, like Mitchell, are very familiar with the legal protection afforded to victims of construction site accidents by the New York Labor Law. Several sections of the Labor Law are designed to keep construction sites safe, by imposing a non-delegable duty on construction site owners and general contractors to ensure that workers are given protection from elevation-related hazards. Procedures and equipment should be in place to protect workers from falling, and from being struck by falling objects. Owners and contractors must obey safety codes, which are designed to keep workers and the public safe.

Fighting for Your Safety and Your Rights

Although there are strong laws which give workers the right to recover in a lawsuit if they are injured, it’s not always easy for construction accident victims to prove their case. The successful New York City accident attorneys at Carro, Carro & Mitchell know which contracts, documents, notes, and logs – of site safety meetings for example, must be obtained and analyzed. An experienced attorney knows when and how to consult with safety, mechanical or electrical engineers to help prepare a case, or to testify at trial. It is important for a construction site accident attorney to take immediate steps to gather important evidence by investigating the site, speaking with witnesses, obtaining accident and OSHA reports, etc., to strengthen the case.

Taking Action with a New York City Accident Attorney

Anyone who has been a victim of a construction accident should contact a New York City accident attorney quickly, to find out your rights and to ensure that a claim is filed or lawsuit is started before any deadlines, which could keep you from recovering compensation.

At Carro, Carro & Mitchell, we have a long record of very successfully representing construction site accident victims. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, call us now at (212) 213-5005 for a free consultation. The sooner you bring your case to us, the sooner we can get to work, getting you the compensation you deserve.

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