New York Auto Accident Settlement: Maribel* and the Carelessly Driven Truck

Auto Accident Million dollar Settlement

Little Maribel never made it across the street.

A New York Personal Injury Attorney’s Fight for $14.2 Million

New York City: a bustling place with abundant energy and opportunity is unfortunatley not free from tragic accidents. This New York auto accident case involves a young girl and the injuries she sustained from a careless truck driver. Read on for the details of the case, and the auto accident settlement our personal injury attorneys were able to attain for her.

A Devastating New York Auto Accident Case:

Our personal injury attorneys represented Maribel*, a lovely and bright seven year old girl who was severely injured by a carelessly driven truck. Little Maribel was crossing the crosswalk with her mother and younger brother as a large truck approached a stop sign just around the corner. The truck, making a turn after pausing at the stop sign, lurched around the corner and struck the family, knocking her mother and brother clear but sending Maribel under the path of the wheels. Maribel suffered devastating injuries to her leg and hip.

Maribel’s mother, whose first language is Spanish, called us to be her bi-lingual Spanish speaking personal injury attorneys. After a quick and thorough investigation we brought a lawsuit against the truck’s owners to get the highest auto accident settlement possible.

Truck Driver Defense V. Personal Injury Attorney Argument:

The insurance company lawyers raised a strong defense, claiming that the driver had followed the law by stopping at the stop sign, and that Maribel must have darted out into the street. They also claimed that Maribel was in the driver’s blind spot.

A New York Personal Injury Attorney’s Fight for $14.2 Million

Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience with New York auto accident cases, so we were able to show that Maribel had started to cross in the crosswalk before the driver made his turn. Under NY Law, this means she had the right of way and the driver had a duty to yield.

The defense alleged that the driver was not responsible because Maribel was in his blind spot. This is an area near the cab of a truck that the driver can’t see. Many accidents involving large vehicles are the result of the victim being in the driver’s blind spot. Because the driver knew about the blind spot, he should have been more aware. We argued that he had a duty to drive cautiously in situations with heightened risk, such as turning in a crosswalk.

The Auto Accident Settlement: Maribel’s Compensation

Our personal injury attorneys are dedicated to attaining the highest auto accident settlement amounts for our clients. Several large offers were turned down before we obtained a settlement offer worth $14.2 million dollars, which ensured that Maribel and her family would have the resources to provide for all her needs, enable her to pursue educational and professional opportunities, and live a full life. The case was settled within just two years of the accident.

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* The client’s name has been changed in this article to protect her privacy.


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