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Construction work is hard and demanding, requiring physical skills and knowledge of the many trades that collaborate on any given project. It is also very dangerous. Although construction accident numbers have slightly decreased in the past year, accident reports involving serious injuries and fatalities continue to be filed in cities all over the nation. Most accidents occur on-site, whether at high altitudes, at ground level or below ground level. All zones are filled with high-powered tools and equipment, heavy moving vehicles and hazardous opportunities for scaffolding failures, falls, building collapses, and heavy equipment accidents. Make sure that you always have a New York City construction accident attorney that you can turn to in the event of an injury.

The results of any construction accident due in part to the dangerous, hurried atmosphere of the job can lead workers to become injured or killed. The results of these injuries can be devastating for any family or individual, which is why the services of an expert New York construction accident lawyer at Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP are essential to ensuring the safety and well being of all construction workers.

The Law

New York construction accident lawyers are well versed in the laws and regulations surrounding the construction industry. New York state law obligates construction companies, contractors and subcontractors on a construction site to follow specific practices in order to create and maintain a safe working environment for employees. The lawyers at Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP in NYC are dedicated to making sure that no employer is exempt from this requirement. The law requires all employers involved in a construction project to perform due diligence and make sure preventive plans and measures are in place to ensure the safety of workers before work begins on a project.

The Numbers

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics tell the story of construction injuries and fatalities in New York. Even with a general decrease in the amount of construction projects due to recent economic conditions, construction work continues to be an occupation with certain hazards. In the most recent year, about 317,000 workers were reported as employed in construction and the state recorded 10,300 non-fatal construction injuries. More than half of these injuries required missing multiple days of work or transfer to a non-construction job. The rate of fatalities on New York construction sites was reported as 7.5 for every 100,000 workers.

The Dangers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified the major sources of hazards on construction sites.

  • Cave-ins: Statistically, the most dangerous work on a site involves trenching and excavation and the related cave-ins that may occur.
  • Falls: Falling from ladders, roofs and scaffolding result in many injuries. Nationally, one out of five scaffold falls on construction sites is fatal.
  • Heavy equipment: Backhoes, bulldozers, front-loaders, buckets, and other vehicles result in injuries to both operators and persons in the vicinity when the area is unsafe or improperly operated.
  • Electrocution: There are significant hazards on construction sites from unsafe wiring, high-voltage power from generators to operate equipment, and power tools with stripped or exposed wiring.
  • Other sources of injury on construction sites come from lifting heavy objects, repetitive motion injuries, and exposure to toxic substances.

The Options

Construction accidents pose the risk of injury or death and may cause significant financial losses to workers and their families. The first line of compensation for construction workers injured on the job is to seek worker’s compensation benefits from their employers to pay for medical costs, lost wages and expenses relating to rehabilitation. Unlike many states, however, New York provides additional protection, above and beyond worker’s compensation. With competent representation from a New York construction accident lawyer at Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP, injured workers can also determine whether they have a valid case to seek additional compensation from liable parties such as general contractors, sub-contractors, owners of the property and/or manufacturers of products that cause or contribute to injury.

Every worker needs to know his or her rights and available recourse after suffering a construction injury. The services of a top New York City construction accident attorney such as Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP, are critical to receiving the full compensation you deserve. Don’t be a victim of the complex process of a personal injury claim, call today for professional advice.

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