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For many years, Carro, Carro & Mitchell, LLP has distinguished itself among New York City injury lawyers, winning multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for clients injured in motor vehicle accidents, falls, work place and construction site accidents and medical malpractice cases. As leading New York injury attorneys, we bring extensive expertise and commitment to each case. Founded by two generations of lawyers, we understand the toll an accident can take on a family, and the importance of obtaining an award that provides for your family’s future. Let our family help your family.

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Injury Lawyers New York City

Our record demonstrates our dedication to each client. Here are just some of the results we have obtained for people like you who have entrusted their New York City personal injury cases to us:

$14.2 million dollar settlement for 7-year-old Queens girl injured in an auto accident.

$3.9 million dollar jury verdict for a Bronx man with back injuries.

$3.1 million dollar settlement for a Queens construction worker who suffered a back injury in a scaffold collapse.

$2.45 million dollar jury verdict for a Brooklyn man who slipped and fell on snow.

$1.25 million dollar settlement with the City of New York for woman who injured her back in an accident with a NYC Parks Department vehicle.

$975,000 dollar settlement for infection from a blood transfusion.

$3.1 million dollars for the wife and children of a man killed in an airplane crash.

$1.2 million dollar jury verdict for Long Island man who slipped on liquid at a sports arena.

$3.3 million dollar settlement for surviving family members of a woman killed in an intersection collision involving a defective traffic light

$828,000 dollar jury verdict for a Bronx woman who injured her ankle falling on a defective subway staircase.

$1.2 million dollars for a 38 year old Bronx man who fractured his ankle in a fall on a defective apartment building ramp.

$900,000 dollar settlement for a Queens man who injured his back in an auto accident.

$1 million dollars from Con Edison and a building landlord for two firefighters injured in an electrical fire.

$650,000 dollars for a construction worker injured in a scaffold collapse.

$800,000 dollar settlement for a construction worker with a heel fracture.

$650,000 dollars for a 44-year-old woman assaulted at her work place.

$550,000 dollars for 3 children injured in a one car accident.

$450,000  dollar jury verdict for a woman who suffered a soft tissue whiplash neck injury in a Brooklyn auto accident.

$400,000 dollar settlement for a 39-year-old woman from Canada who tripped on a broken sidewalk and injured her ankle.

$500,000 dollars for a 40-year-old Queens man who suffered back injuries in an auto accident.

$425,000 dollar jury verdict for a 30-year-old woman who suffered nerve injury during a dental procedure.

$375,000 dollars for a 79-year-old woman injured during a colonoscopy.

$330,000 dollars for a Manhattan student assaulted outside of school while waiting for his school bus.

Get a team of winning New York injury attorneys on your case today. Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP offers first-class legal representation for injured New Yorkers in all manner of personal injury cases.

Experienced lawyers make the difference. Get a law firm with a former New York State Supreme Court judge on your side! “Let our family help your family” No fee unless we win your case

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* All results are for actual cases. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.
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