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The experienced construction accident attorneys at Carro, Carro & Mitchell have obtained exceptional results on behalf of New Yorkers injured in construction accidents, including a $3,900,000 million verdict for a worker who fell from a ladder and $3,100,000 million for a laborer injured in a scaffold collapse.

Constructing and maintaining our buildings, bridges, roads, and tunnels can be very hazardous work. There are strong laws in New York to protect construction workers. But if your lawyer doesn’t have experience in work-site accidents, your case can be easily lost. Every year, construction accidents are responsible for approximately 150,000 injuries. It is not enough for a site to look safe. Safety standards should be rigorously observed to protect the lives of workers. Defective equipment, unsafe working conditions, and negligence result in an average of 1-in-10 construction workers a year suffering construction-site injuries. You need an experienced New York City construction accident attorney to represent you in court, ensuring you get the settlement or verdict you deserve.

Reasons You Need a New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

Falls are a common cause of injury at construction sites, particularly falls from a ladder or scaffold. But there are many other ways workers are injured, such as being electrocuted, struck by a vehicle or heavy equipment, hit by a falling object, buried in the collapse of a trench or wall, or injured by a power tool.

Workers injured in the course of their employment may be covered by Workers Compensation. But compensation payments won’t begin to replace your lost earnings, and Workers Compensation does not compensate for your pain and suffering. In most cases you can receive Compensation benefits through your employer’s insurance, and bring a lawsuit against someone else who may have caused or contributed to your injuries. Talk with the experienced construction accident attorneys at Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP in NYC and find out what your rights are.

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