Bronx Man Claims $3.9 Million Dollar Jury Verdict With the Help of a New York City Construction Accident Attorney

New York Construction Accident Attorney - Construction Worker Photo - Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLPCarlos Baez* was a 32-year-old locksmith from the Bronx. He was up on a ladder repairing a door on a Bronx tenement building when he fell and seriously injured his back. Because Mr. Baez quickly hired Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP, our team was able to conduct an inspection of the accident scene before any changes were made. This prompt inspection revealed proof of dangerous conditions at the jobsite, as well as the unsafe ladder which caused the accident. With this evidence, New York City construction accident attorney John Carro was able to obtain a $3.9 million dollar jury verdict for Mr. Baez.

Mr. Baez’s serious back injury required several surgeries. Although the surgeries stabilized Mr. Baez’s spine, they did not restore his prior good health. Mr. Baez was married with a young child to support but was unable to work due his injuries.

At the trial, New York City construction accident attorney John Carro called expert witnesses to prove the unsafe work conditions, the severity of Mr. Baez’s injury, and the lifelong pain and impairment he would suffer. After Mr. Carro’s powerful summation, the jury found the building owner and Mr. Baez’s employer negligent, and unanimously awarded Mr. Baez $3,500,000 for his pain and suffering and $403,000 for his lost earnings, for a total of more than $3,900,000.

If you’re hurt on the job in NYC, it’s important to contact a New York City construction accident attorney as soon as possible. For more information, contact Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP today.

*Name changed to protect client’s privacy

Photo courtesy of the Seattle Municipal Archives.

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