Legal Insights on Manhattan Crane Accident that Killed One, Injured Four

New York Crane Accident April 2012 New York Personal Injury Lawyers
A deadly crane construction accident earlier this week at a NYC West Side construction site killed one worker and injured four more. New York Construction Accident Lawyers, Carro, Carro & Mitchell offer their commentary.

This accident happened on the MTA extension of the Number 7 train and was the third fatal crane accident of its kind in New York City in four years.

Why do Construction Accidents in New York City keep Happening?

In addition to the tragic accident of this week, in March of 2008 a crane collapse on the east side killed seven people, including civilians. The owner of another crane that collapsed in May of 2008 is now on trial for manslaughter, based on charges of negligent repair work. Operating a tower crane in a densely populated area like New York City is so dangerous that in order to be licensed, even the most experienced out-of-state operators must first work alongside a crane operator who is licensed by the City of New York.

Operating large cranes in areas confined by high-rise buildings in New York City makes the dangerous work of construction workers even more dangerous. A construction accident may be caused by striking objects such as buildings or power lines, setting up the crane on an unstable work surface, inadequate safety measures, or improper inspection, maintenance or repair.

Why Experienced New York Construction Accident Lawyers Are So Important for Workers and Victims

When someone is killed or injured by a construction crane collapse in New York City, it is inevitably due to negligence and the violation of the safety regulations in place to protect construction workers and civilians. New York personal injury attorneys, like Carro, Carro & Mitchell, who are experienced in construction site accidents, can advise personal injury victims of their rights, and take immediate steps to maximize the strength of the case, such as getting a court order for the preservation and inspection of evidence at the site by a safety engineer and other experts.

New York construction accident lawyers know that injured workers, or the families of deceased workers, are entitled to Workers Compensation benefits and will also have a case against the construction site owner, general contractor, and other contractors working at the site.

It is always advisable to contact a New York personal injury attorney who has experience in construction site cases, as quickly as possible to learn your rights, to find out about any deadlines to file or begin a lawsuit, and to fight for your just compensation.

At Carro, Carro & Mitchell, we have successfully represented hundreds of injured construction workers and are knowledgeable about construction site and MTA safety. If you were involved in a construction site crane accident in New York, or another similar construction accident, contact us today.

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