New York City Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Injuries from Lead Poisoning

Personal Injury Attorneys Fight Lead Poisoning Symptoms from Lead Paint ExposureNew York City personal injury attorneys Carro, Carro & Mitchell are experienced in representing children injured by lead poisoning.

First, the good news. Lead poisoning symptoms in children have decreased sharply in recent decades since lead paint was banned in 1978. However, for New York City residents there is some bad news. According to the New York Times lead hazards remain in urban areas mostly from old, badly maintained housing with lead paint. In fact there are bands of areas of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx where rates of children showing elevated lead levels are the highest in the City.

According to John Carro, a personal injury attorney experienced in lead poisoning cases, “Some of the highest risk comes from lead paint dust that is exposed during apartment and building renovations”.

Tenants in buildings where landlords do their own work or use local handymen are most at risk because they are unlikely to be using proper lead paint containment procedures. Merely painting over lead paint will not make it safe. As paint peels, the layers of lead paint are exposed. They chip and flake. Young children may peel and eat the chips, or get the lead paint flakes on their hands as they crawl or play on the floor.

What Are Some Lead Poisoning Symptoms?

Lead poisoning can cause serious injuries, including learning disabilities, birth defects, seizures, digestive problems and anemia. Lead poisoning symptoms are many and can include pain, vomiting, nausea, headaches, weight loss, irritability, and attention disorders. Early diagnosis and medical treatment are critical but payment for medical treatment can be expensive.

Personal injury attorneys experienced in lead poisoning cases, like those at Carro, Carro & Mitchell know that exposure to lead paint can cause life-long injuries including brain damage. A lawsuit will seek compensation for the physical and intellectual injuries, as well as the cost of future medical care and treatments, and possibly such things as special educational or training expenses, and future lost earning or diminished earning capacity.

Carro, Carro & Mitchell’s firm of New York City personal injury attorneys is experienced in obtaining maximum compensation for children experiencing lead poisoning symptoms if they have had exposure to the harmful lead paint. These damages may amount to many millions of dollars.

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