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New York City, the Melting Pot, is a multilingual city. But finding a New York personal injury lawyer may be a scary thought if English is not your first language.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a personal injury accident, you may be wondering if you have a case or are entitled to benefits such as workers compensation, disability, or no-fault insurance. You need answers from a New York Personal injury lawyer, but what if you don’t speak English well?

Our Bilingual Spanish Speaking Lawyers Will Help You Claim Justice

“El major bufete de abogados de litigacion hispanos en la ciudad.” NY Daily News
“La principal firma latina de abogados de Nueva York.” El Diario La Prensa

If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to call a lawyer because you are afraid they won’t understand you. At Carro, Carro & Mitchell, nosotros te entendemos. Ask New York’s bilingual Spanish Speaking Lawyers to help you.

Results we have obtained for our Spanish speaking/bilingual clients include a $14,200,000 million dollar settlement for a young girl injured by a truck, a $3,900,000 million dollar verdict for an injured construction worker and $3,100,000 million dollars for the family of a man killed in an airplane crash.

If I hire a New York Personal Injury Lawyer and Bring a Lawsuit and I am undocumented, Will I Get Deported?

What if you are undocumented? Do you have the right to bring a lawsuit for your injury? Do you have to worry about being deported?

We have not found this to be true. In the 100 combined years of legal experience the partners of Carro, Carro & Mitchell, we have never seen any connection between an undocumented person bringing a lawsuit and enforcement actions taken by immigration authorities.

Fortunately, immigrant New Yorkers have the same exact right to sue as everyone else. And at Carro, Carro & Mitchell there are bilingual Spanish speaking lawyers and staff that are willing to help. Whatever language you speak, we will accommodate you so that you are comfortable.

The Insurance Companies Try to Limit the Rights of Undocumented New Yorkers

In an effort to limit court awards, insurance company lawyers have tried to prevent undocumented workers from recovering compensation for their lost earnings. But they have been unsuccessful. Both New York State Courts and the United States Federal Courts have ruled that undocumented workers are entitled to all of the same rights in a lawsuit as a U.S. citizen and cannot be discriminated against.

The law also provides that all injured New Yorkers who are unable to work can sue to recover their lost earnings from the day of their personal injury accident to the time of the trial, as well as for future lost earnings if their personal injuries will prevent them from returning to work.

Will Our Spanish Speaking Lawyers Take Your Personal Injury Case?

The unpleasant reality is that immigrant New Yorkers often hold dangerous jobs that put them at increased risk of accident and injuries. And of course, they may be injured in situations when they are not at work. Each New York personal injury lawyer at Carro, Carro & Mitchell is experienced in every type of accident case, and can get you an answer to any question you have – in English or Spanish.

Whether you were injured in a construction accident, a car accident, slip and fall accident, bus or MTA subway accidents, however you were injured, call and speak with one of our bilingual Spanish speaking lawyers about your personal injury at Carro, Carro & Mitchell.

We also have a Spanish version of our site: Abogados de Lesiones Personales, Carro, Carro y Mitchell.

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