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Best NYC Bus and Subway Accident Attorney

Carro, Carro & Mitchell obtained $3,100,000 million dollars for the wife and children of a man killed in a jet crash, a $2,400,000 dollar verdict for an injured subway conductor, a $1,200,000 settlement for a bus driver and $828,000 for Bronx woman who injured her ankle falling on a defective subway staircase.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident caused by a bus, train, subway or airplane, it is vital that you consult a transportation accident lawyer as soon as possible. Buses, subways, and trains are often owned by government agencies. The legal procedures involved may be significantly different from other accident claims. The defendant in a mass transit suit may be a government agency with considerable legal and investigative resources. It is imperative that you are represented by NYC personal injury lawyers with experience prosecuting these cases. Accidents involving buses, subways, trains, taxis, shuttle buses, airlines, tour boats or cruise ships require New York City transportation lawyers like Carro, Carro & Mitchell.

Experienced New York accident lawyers make the difference. Get a law firm with a former New York State Supreme Court judge on your side! No fee unless we win your case.

New York City Subway Accident Lawyer

Mass transit accidents include injuries incurred not just in vehicles, but at places such as subway platforms, stairways and bus stops. It is critically important that you speak to a transportation accident attorney immediately in these cases, as you only have a very short time to start your claim. An inexperienced attorney may not be aware of these and other potential special rules which apply to these claims. This can be fatal to you case. Don’t lose out on the compensation you deserve. Get one of Carro, Carro & Mitchell LLP’s expert NYC transportation accident lawyers to fight for your rights.

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