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NYC Premises Liability Litigation Attorneys

Premises liability refers to injuries caused by a dangerous condition on a property. Harm caused by uneven pavement, ice or snow, slip and fall accidents, bad lighting, insufficient security, collapsing ceiling, poorly built stairs, and construction defects are just some of the cases we’ve successfully handled. Premises liability claims also include assault and other injuries suffered during attacks at places that don’t have adequate security. If you or someone you love has been injured, or worse, in a premises liability accident or assault, Carro, Carro & Mitchell is here to help. Our success in NY premises liability litigation includes a $2.4 million verdict for a Brooklyn man who slipped on ice, a $1.2 million dollar jury verdict for a Long Island man who slipped on liquid at a sports arena, a $400,000 settlement for a 39-year-old woman from Canada who tripped on a broken sidewalk and injured her ankle, and $650,000 for a woman assaulted in her building.

NY Premises Liability

Every day, people who have been injured on the street, sidewalk, or in a residence call our office. The circumstance of how and where they were injured are always different. Even slight differences in how an accident happened may call for a different litigation strategy. The number of factors involved in NY premises liability litigation, and the challenges proving them in a lawsuit means that you need experienced NY premises liability attorneys. Experienced premises liability lawyers make the difference. Get a law firm with a former New York State Supreme Court judge on your side! No fee unless we win your case.

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