1. $ 1,200,000 million verdict for a man who fell at a sports arena. The game was almost over and arena employees, in a rush to finish cleaning, piled trash bags near an exit. Liquid leaking from the bags formed a dark puddle which our client couldn’t see against the dark tile floor, causing him to fall and fracture his hip

2. Hector, a student in a special education program was supposed to wait in his school for the bus matron to get him and walk him back to the bus. But the matron didn’t want to get out of the bus on rainy days , so she instructed Hector to wait outside on the corner. Hector was robbed and assaulted as he waited for the bus. $ 330,000 settlement.

3. A truck driver claimed a 7 year-old girl suddenly ran out into the street and he couldn’t see her until it was too late to stop. We showed that from the high vantage point of his driver’s seat in the truck, he had a clear view of her and had enough time to stop if he had been looking, and driving more slowly. Settlement obtained for $ 14,200,000 million.

4. Improperly maintained wiring in a manhole overheated and started to smolder. Burning insulation on the wires produced volatile smoke and gases which seeped into the basement of a nearby building. As two fire officers entered the building to investigate, the gases exploded, causing serious burn injuries. $ 1,000,000 settlement.

5. $ 2,450,000 million verdict for a Brooklyn man who fell on snow. Photographs showed the jury that the sidewalk had been shoveled in front of every other building on the block except the one where our client fell.

6. A Bronx worker set up a ladder to repair the top of a door frame. The ground beneath the ladder was broken-up and uneven, causing the ladder to tip. Our client fell and injured his back. We proved the landlord owed a duty to provide a scaffold or safe place for the ladder and obtained a verdict of $ 3,900,000 million.

7. Our client, a delivery man, slipped and fell on a wooden ramp leading to the rear of the defendant’s building. The landlord’s insurance company refused to pay, claiming there was nothing wrong with the ramp. But photographs we took shortly after the accident showed slippery moss was allowed to grow on the ramp, and a required handrail had never been installed. We obtained a $ 1,200,000 million settlement for our client’s fractured ankle.

8. A landlord failed to improve security in his building, although there was a history of criminal activity. We recovered $ 650,000 for a woman who was assaulted in the building.

9. A Brooklyn woman suffered whiplash injuries after her car was hit in the rear at a red light. Defendant’s insurance company offered $15,000. After we tried the case, a jury awarded her $ 450,000.

10. A Bronx woman was walking down the steps from an elevated subway station and fell. She claimed the stair sagged when she stepped on it, causing her to lose her balance. The Transit Authority claimed the accident could not have happened that way. We examined the step and discovered that before the accident the Transit Authority tried to fix the broken step by propping it up with a stick. After viewing photos of the attempted repair, the jury awarded $ 828,000 for our client’s ankle fractures.

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